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Media Literacy - Key Questions

Media Literacy Week

Crash Course - What is Media Literacy

Core Principles of Media Literacy

The Core Principles of Media Literacy Education

  1. Media Literacy Education requires active inquiry and critical thinking about the messages we receive and create.
  2. Media Literacy Education expands the concept of literacy to include all forms of media (i.e., reading and writing).
  3. Media Literacy Education builds and reinforces skills for learners of all ages. Like print literacy, those skills necessitate integrated, interactive, and repeated practice.
  4. Media Literacy Education develops informed, reflective and engaged participants essential for a democratic society.
  5. Media Literacy Education recognizes that media are a part of culture and function as agents of socialization.
  6. Media Literacy Education affirms that people use their individual skills, beliefs and experiences to construct their own meanings from media messages.


Dealing with Digital Stress

Lessons with Mrs. Cellucci