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Project Information

How did America change following this war?

Choices: World War II, Vietnam War, Iraq War

Books from the Library Destiny Catalog

A sample of some of the available books for this research project. Use Destiny OPAC to find more books by searching for relevant terms relating to the project. Check out the tags associated with this libguide to begin.  Ask the Library staff for help!

Project Tools

What is a museum box? A museum box is a box where you cover all six sides with your research. As you present your research, use proper MLA format including parenthetical documentation. The six sides are the following:

·         Causes

·         Major players/central figures

·         U.S. Reaction

·         Photograph(s)

·         Thesis Statement

·         Works Cited



Recommended Websites

Try Google eBooks Search

Read an ebook about the topic on Google Books.

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