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Library Media: Mental Health/SEL: Book lists and Bibliotherapy

With the increase of mental health issues, resources have been added to the library to help educate and empower students to break stigma around this issue.


Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach to supporting mental health.  Teachers and Librarians using bibliotherapy as a tool should be well versed in the aspects of mental health as well as acquire some training in relation to students and mental health. 

 The American Library Association makes this clarification: 

The duality of a guided therapy by a medical or psychiatric professional vs. directing the reader to a selection of books on an issue continues. The resources offered on this page address the directed reading aspect of bibliotherapy, which may distinguished from the more general readers' advisory by the presence of the "problem" to be resolved through reading.


Some things to think about before you engage in Bibliotherapy with students: 

1. Course work and/or training in mental health is imperative to understanding how to approach this complex issue

2. Build relationships with mental health professionals in the school and/or community for support

3. Read the book yourself first and reflect on your own thoughts and feelings

4. An awareness of self and personal self care is helpful in order to help others process effectively

WHS Book Lists

Cellucci - Articles, Grants, Presentations

Please note:   I applied within the Digital Literacy grant and was moved into the Innovative grant. The next cycle there was a new grant for Mental Health (this did not exist when I applied).