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Nigerian Oil: Curse of the Black Gold National Geographic Special Issue February 2007

Even though this information is from 2007, it is still very relevant. Be sure to fully explore the site beyond the feature article. Spend time looking at the photo gallery, sights and sounds, field notes, and additional resources.

You’ll need your math brain for the next set of resources. Spend some time looking at these comparative maps: Oil Consumption, Oil reserves, and Oil production. What conclusions can you make based on this data?

More data to think about: Resource Consumption by Country. What does this reveal about global energy consumption?

What data about energy are you most interested in? EIA’s website allows you to select criteria and will create graphs, tables, charts, maps, etc displaying the data. Give it a try here.

Infographics and Graphs

Comparative Maps:




Resource Consumption by Country: Data Analysis: Info Graphic

Energy Statistics: Data Analysis: Graphs

Government sites