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Project Information

Please check GOOGLE CLASSROOM for information about the project. 

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More Resources

Habits of the heart was developemd as a resource for students and teachers interested in learning about the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.
A wealth of information on coaching, health and nutrition, adaptive physical education and more.
A go-to source for information regarding all sorts of health issues.

Recommended Databases

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Click here for all Massachusetts State Databases @WHS

General Health Websites

Articles on brain function, diseases, addiction, learning, sleep etc.
An online examination of human anatomy and physiology using flash animation and is interactive.
This database is provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
This non-commercial site provides resources in all areas of emotional and mental health.
This site has three sections - parents, kids and teens. There are sites for everyone with indepth features, animations, and resources that have been reviewed by health experts.
Includes factual information on all aspects of helath including fitness, sexual health, diseases and conditions.
This site is designed for consumers interested in finding up-to-date information on health topics, drug information, health libraries, international sites and more.
This site provides reliable information to the public about medical conditions and available treatments.
This government site provides information on alternative healing practices and complementary medications.
Page designed for kids to teach about the impact the enviroment has on their health. Also includes a page of links and other resources.
National Institutes of Health provides a wide variety of resources related to the biomedical and health sciences. There are searchable databases and databanks, archival collections and images.
Designed just for teens with reputable links for information on nutrition, emotions, body image, alcohol and drugs, and sexuality.
This site targets children's health issues and news.