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English: AP: Poetry Research : Research Guide Home

A mostly independent study of a poet whose work you admire. The ultimate goal of the project is to familiarize yourself with the poet's body of work and to ultimately write a research paper in which you compare at least three of the poet's pieces.

Tips and Suggestions to find Poems:

  • Use LRC (Literature Resource Center) to look up poems by genre (sonnets, haikus, quatrains, etc.), or search by poet or title.
  • Search for a poet's name - generally, individual poems will not be listed,  you'll want to look for a collection of works by a poet. You could also search for keywords, such as "medieval poetry" or "slam poets" to find collections by time period or genre.

Literature Databases

A Sample of books from the Library:

Search the Destiny OPAC:

Recommended Web Resources: